Project Description

The Holy Spirit Cathedral is located in the Old City of Homs. Since 2016 it has been the archiepiscopal see of Theophilus Philip Barakat, Syriac Catholic Archbishop of Homs, Hama, Nabek and dependencies.

Despite the harsh living conditions, many people including Syriac Catholics are still present in this city in western Syria. The whole city was affected by the fghting. The parish priest, Mgr Michel Naaman, explained that he stayed in Homs throughout the conflict, and said: “Five missiles came through the roof of the cathedral. I celebrated Mass here with bombs lying all over the place.” Basic repairs have since been carried out, including to the roof, but there is much more work needed.

The Syriac Catholic Archbishop Theophilus Philip Barakat: “The needs of our priests and faithful cry out to heaven. We beg you, pray for peace!”

The Beginning of the Renovation of the Holy Spirit Cathedral (2015)