Project Description

The Armenian cemetery in Aleppo was used by different Armenian communities e.g. Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant. After rebel forces seized the Sheikh Maqsud district, the Armenian cemetery was in a danger zone. Its elevated position made it a place of strategic importance. The capture of this area made the road to the cemetery impassable, so the Syrian government provided land for the burial of Armenians and other Christian minorities in the Al-Furkan district.

The Armenian delegation went to examine the graveyard in Sheikh Maqsud district in January 2017. The checkpoint military staff didn’t allow their car to enter the site nor were they permitted to take photographs. At the main gate there was a mound of earth and the gate was badly damaged, as were the facade and the fence. The church door was damaged, the ceiling had a large shell hole in it and all wooden furniture had gone. The guard room next to the main gate was destroyed completely. The electricity installation and water pump had been removed; as had the church’s indoor and outdoor wall-mounted light fixtures. A metal ladder was also missing. In the church there had been both metal seats and leather-and-wood chairs; only the metal ones were left. Electrical cables coming from the grid to the pole near the church had been cut and removed. Even the plants were damaged and removed.