Project Description

Amenian Orthodox Church, Al Midan (Nor Kyugh) district in Aleppo

Located in Al Midan (Nor Kyugh), the Christian neighbourhood of Aleppo, St. George’s (Sourp Kevork’s) Church was consecrated in 1965. This 20th century church belonged to the Armenian Diocese of Beroea. St George’s Church was set on fire on October 29, 2012. The interior of the church, including religious vestments, liturgical items, icons and other artifacts were badly damaged – as confirmed by Aleppo’s Armenian Prelacy spokesperson Jirair Reisian.

In addition, the Mesrobian Armenian School, which was adjacent to the church, suffered serious damage, including to its kindergarten and elementary school buildings. Fortunately, both school and kindergarten were closed because of the war, so there were no causalities as a result of the incident. Aleppo’s Armenian Prelacy expressed its hope that there would be justice, saying such a barbaric crime should be condemned as a criminal act and its perpetrators punished.