Project Description

SAINT ASSIA (Mar Asia Al Hakim)
Syriac Catholic Church, Al-Jdeydeh district in Aleppo

Located in the southern part of the historic Al Jdeydeh neighbourhood, St Assia’s Al Hakim Syriac Catholic Church was one of the oldest in Aleppo, dating from the 15th century. Originally, the church was called the Cathedral of Our Lady of Syrians and was the seat of the Syriac Catholic Patriarchate from 17th century until 1970, when the newly constructed Cathedral of Our Lady of Assumption was opened and the patriarchate moved. St Assia’s distinctive internal decoration incorporated alternating black and while stone, providing a sober interior. Liturgical services were maintained throughout the conflict. Damaged twice during the troubled history of Syria, Mar Asia’s Church was heavily shelled by armed groups from the Free Syrian Army on September 16, 2012. It was turned to rubble together with swathes of the the Old City of Aleppo, recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.